A Challenge for the New Year: Read More with Your Children

Posted by on January 30, 2013.

It’s the year 2013. That means new beginnings and fresh starts. People will be making resolutions to get in shape, work harder at their job, and quit their worst habit.

I also have a challenge for you. (Yes, you.) This is one that you will most definitely be able to keep: Read more often with your children. That doesn’t mean sitting together in the living room, you reading the newest James Patterson book on your Kindle, and your child looking at the pictures in a book that she has read a million times.

Sit down together and crack open a book she hasn’t read before. Give her something new to fuel her imagination.

To begin this new tradition within your family, I suggest starting out with this book: A Bear for All Seasons by Diane Marcial Fuchs. This book starts out with Bear, a humble, cuddly character that is just about to snuggle down for  his winter slumber. Right as he is about to fall into a deep sleep, he hears a tap on the door. It’s his friend Fox, coming in from the blustery, freezing outdoors. Bear, being the courteous host that he is, sits down with Fox in front of the crackling fire. Throughout the next couple pages, Bear and Fox discuss the many pros and cons of the seasons, finally ending with a heart-warming statement.

“Do you know what is really and truly my favorite time? The company of a good friend is what I love best – no matter what the season.”

This book is the perfect welcome to the new year. It gets you excited for the following seasons and the fun you will have in all of them. Memories flooded back to me when I read this book again. I distinctly remember shoving it and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich into a small rucksack and running into my backyard to my “secret hideout,”which was really just a small tree tucked behind a rock wall. I would read the book over and over, while crumbs fell over the beautiful illustrations and peanut butter smeared over the text.

A Bear for All Seasons will become one of your child’s favorites. I guarantee it. The charming pictures and endearing story envelope you in a warm feeling of hope, making you excited for the days to come.

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