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A Halloween Tradition: The Ghost of Nicholas Greebe

Posted by on October 14, 2013.

‘Tis the season, everybody! I have to say October is probably my favorite month of the year; the leaves are turning beautiful colors, pumpkins are beginning to grow, apple cider is mulling on the stove, and most importantly… Halloween!

Halloween is a massive deal at my house. My dad has accumulated an enormous amount of heart-stoppingly scary Halloween decorations over the years, with which he decks our house inside and out (see an example of his creativity above). I grew up with ghosts and goblins surrounding me during October, and with all the decorations and candy came equally spooky books.

During all holidays, supplementing the jubilee of the rituals with a good book always kept my spirits (or should I say ghosts?) high. One that stands out the most in my memory is the book The Ghost of Nicholas Greebe by Tony Johnson, illustrated by S.D. Schindler. This book is so beautifully written and illustrated it’s hard not to stare at one page for ten minutes. The story follows the adventures of the bones of Nicholas Greebe across oceans and various countries until they find their rightful resting place.

My dad bought this book for me when I was very little, and every October we would sit together and read about the eerie old ghost of Nicholas Greebe. I always thought it was so creepy and would imagine Mr. Greebe floating past my window saying his spine-tingling soliloquy: “From this night forth, I quest, I quest, till all my bones together rest.”

Parents and kids alike will find this spooky tale a classic and want to read it together every time there are pumpkins lit and black cats screeching. So grab that bag of candy corn (because we all know we have it), and curl up in front of the fire and prepare to get scared side by side with your child!

For other spooky book ideas, check out this great list, and don’t forget this creepy classic.

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