At a time when our country feels tense and divided, CLiF has designed a grant opportunity to help build bridges and strengthen relationships between different groups within communities. CLiF has selected two programs that succeeded in achieving this goal last year and a new opportunity.

CLiF accepts applications for new sites wanting to start:

What Grant Partners Will Receive

  • A small on-site library (valued at $500) that you will select from FirstBook
  • A training session (worth $500) with CLiF-trained professional that gives tips for sharing books
  • A book giveaway where all program participants select two new books to keep


CLiF accepts applications for new partners wanting to explore community through writing and performing:

  •      My Community Story program offered by the Young Writers Project*
  •      Songwriting workshop with Jon Gailmor

What Grant Partners Will Receive

  • $250 for the Young Writers Project services
  • A training session (worth $500) with CLiF-trained professional that gives tips for sharing and writing personal stories and songs
  • Additional funding (up to $150-$350 depending on your grant program) to fund a community gathering where participants can share work with their families and community members


  • *$250 platform from Young Writer Project includes:
  • An easy-to-use digital classroom website of where teacher/group leader and students can privately share work created in regular free-writes, in response to community story challenges or as part of your own curriculum
  • Content: challenges (exercises) and resources designed to progressively get students to go deeper with storytelling, research, digital media and editing
  • Support — both technical and writing — from experts with Young Writers Project


Goals of the Community Building Grants

  • Build empathy for others by connecting with new groups
  • Create excitement around sharing books and writing
  • Inspire students and adults to read and write for pleasure
  • Encourage an appreciation for similarities and differences
  • Support all kinds of young readers and writers
  • Ensure children have high-quality books of their own at home
  • Engage parents and encourage reading and writing at home


Who Is Eligible to Apply?

  • Community organizations located in New Hampshire or Vermont.
  • Your project must serve a community with at least 30% of students qualifying for free/reduced lunch. Your application must show how you will partner with CLiF’s target audience of low-income, at-risk, and rural children.
  • At least 30 kids must participate in the program.
  • Organizations with an enthusiastic and organized coordinator willing to collaborate with CLiF on planning, organizing, and communicating about your project.
  • Partners who can complete the grant and send final feedback by June 15, 2019.
  • Applications will be accepted until October 30, 2018. Decisions will be made by November 15, 2018.


How CLiF Will Select Grant Recipients

Criteria include:

  • Demonstrated need and excitement
  • Enthusiasm, creativity, and collaboration exhibited by the partners
  • Clear demonstration of how this grant will benefit students and their communities

Questions should be sent to Meredith Scott, Program Director, gro.e1566367147nilno1566367147filc@1566367147htide1566367147rem1566367147.

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