During the COVID-19 pandemic, when our amazing presenters can’t visit kids in person, we launched a virtual storytelling series. Kids and families join CLiF’s talented authors, poets, and storytellers to hear their inspiring work. See links to the presentations below!

Write your own version of “Dogs Of My Favorite” while watching this songwriting presentation!
John shares how he came to be a book illustrator and author, and how he puts pictures to work, sharing ideas. Ever seen an elephant – lion – eagle – snake – shark?
Join Karen Gross as she inspires us with daring quests and makes us laugh with tongue twisters and giraffe jokes.
David Martin tells stories about tree parties, bear poop, elephants in boats, and hide and seek in the clouds.
Natalie Kinsey-Warnock talks about the value of family stories.
Terry Farish shares Joseph’s Big Ride and inspires us to get curious!
Author/illustrator Gina Perry shares her book and guides through drawing ourselves as cats!
Jim Arnosky talks about his art, music, and books.
Linda Urban shares her picture books and how she writes about the small but big things.
Nature writer Steve Swinburne talks about non-fiction writing
Cartoonist Marek Bennett talks about cartoons, comics, and graphic novels.
Author Chris Tebbetts shares his stories
Author J.L. McCreedy of the Liberty Frye trilogy talks about her travels and her books
Author Rebecca Rupp shares how she researches and creates books
Poet Geof Hewitt presents poems to students both in class and at home
Author/illustrator Sarah Dillard shares how she creates her work
Award-winning author/illustrator Jason Chin shares how he made his latest book
Journalist-turned-author Sandra Neil Wallace shares her inspiration
Author/storyteller Marv Klassen-Landis tells classic folk stories
Author Eric Pinder tells stories
Author/illustrator Ashley Wolff shares her stories
Poet Matt Forest Essenwine shares his poetry
Farmers John & Jennifer Churchman share stories, featuring some of the animals that inspired their books!
Author Christy Mihaly reads her books
Author/photographer/adventurer Jan Reynolds shares her new book, Loving Kindness
Storyteller extraordinaire Simon Brooks tells his twists on folk and fairy tales
Duncan shares a story

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