Doug Hemmings has been the Community and Social Services Coordinator at Highgate Apartments in Barre, VT since 2006. Doug comes to the affordable housing industry from an advocacy and emergency services background having worked in human services for over twenty years prior to working for Maloney Properties Inc. Doug describes resident services work as being truly multi-hatted. Doug says: “At times, I am a counselor, conflict resolution specialist, cruise director, lease compliance cop, professional good listener and chief cook and bottle washer; it all depends on the day and the resident issues.”

Doug’s housing site is a 120 unit family complex with over a hundred kids in residence, which he describes as never having a dull moment. He also serves as the current President of the VT Resident Services Coordinator’s organization and is a member of the planning committee for the upcoming New England Resident Service Coordinators Conference which will be hosted in Hartford, CT on May 4-6, 2016.