Year of the Book

CLiF’s Year of the Book provides $25,000 worth of literacy programs, support, and new children’s books over one school year to help build a culture of literacy in elementary schools across New Hampshire and Vermont. This program targets schools that have a high percentage of students scoring below proficient in literacy assessments, and a high percentage of students receiving free/reduced lunch.

Since we started CLiF’s Year of the Book we have sponsored 70 elementary schools across the Twin States. (Please note: A school must wait a minimum of five years before it can reapply for sponsorship in this program.)

Activities and Support

Each sponsored school receives:

  • $25,000 worth of literacy programming and books
  • A wide variety of literacy-related programs that will take place during the school year, and several other forms of support (see “More Details” link below)
  • 10 new, high-quality children’s books for each student to keep and to select from hundreds of inspiring titles
  • CLiF support in arranging logistics, integrating low-cost literacy programs into the school year, networking with past and present school coordinators, and accessing additional CLiF resources

Goals of Year of the Book

  • Supplement elementary schools’ existing efforts to create a pro-literacy culture in the school community
  • Encourage enthusiasm for books among students from preschool to grade 6 
  • Inspire students to read and write for pleasure
  • Support teachers’ literacy curricula and creative integration of literacy into all areas of study
  • Ensure all children have a collection of high-quality books of their own at home
  • Get parents more involved in their children’s literacy activities and encourage more reading at home

To Apply

Applications are currently closed. Applications for the 2020-2021 school year will be available in December.

Contact Meredith Scott at or (802) 244-0944 with any questions.


“I do feel that the Year of the Book is making a change in the climate here – CLiF has given me ways to reach out and the families that need to be reached are responding.”

Liz Rosenfeld, School Librarian, Laconia, NH