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Your gift brings inspiring literacy programs and brand-new books to under-resourced children throughout New Hampshire and Vermont.

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Donor Profiles

Mike & Jane Moss

Mike & Jane Moss are loyal CLiF supporters who have made many donations to CLiF in honor of their family and friends over the years; in turn, many of their family members and friends have made their own gifts to CLiF in Mike and Jane’s honor!

To Jane and Mike Moss of Newbury, NH, CLIF is a symbol of hope – an opportunity for children to read, and to spark their interest in books. As a children’s librarian for nearly 30 years, Jane has championed CLiF’s efforts to reach young readers and for the past 10 years, Mike has supported CLiF through his role as Chair of the Literacy Committee of New Hampshire’s New London Rotary Club. To them, Duncan McDougall has shared his vision for CLiF with children in all parts of VT and NH, and much like Johnny Appleseed, he has brought books to libraries, schools, and prison programs to inspire children and adults for years to come.

Mike and Jane believe literacy begins with the first stories we hear from parents and teachers. If we are lucky, books have been put in our hands which have the unique power to enchant us throughout our lives. As CLiF links children with books, and as one story leads to another, reading becomes a pathway to learning. Through our donations we have supported CLIF to honor our friends, just as they have donated to the organization on our behalf. Happily, these gifts have encouraged the staff and volunteers in their own CLiF outreach and more importantly these donations have given children a head start in their own reading life. From our view, a gift to CLIF has the potential to benefit children in glorious ways. Dr. Seuss expressed it well in his classic quote: “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” Thank you CLIF!

Matt & Margaret Rightmire

Matt served as Treasurer on CLiF’s board from 2012 until 2018.

He says, “CLiF makes literacy and reading fun. By integrating authors and storytellers into the experiences that CLiF delivers, the importance of reading and writing skills are contextualized in a new and compelling way. Providing their very own books to children in our communities who may not have any at home is critical to leveling the literacy playing field. Finally, I know that nearly all of the money provided to CLiF will be directly invested to support its mission.  We like that.”

Why do you think literacy is important?

Literacy is the MOST fundamental skill that any human can have.  Want to learn anything else?  Better know how to read and write.

What has struck you at CLiF events? Can you think of any stories to share?

Laughter. Smiles. The recognition that improving literacy is a family and community affair. Authors and storytellers engaged as role models to provide critical context to important literacy lessons delivered to kids and those that care about them.

What would you tell someone considering getting involved with CLiF, either as a donor or a volunteer?

Positively impact the lives of at-risk children in our communities through skill development that is foundational to a life well lived. Contribute time or treasure or your own capabilities, they are all important to CLiF’s mission.

The Helen G. Hauben Foundation

The Helen G. Hauben Foundation’s areas of focus include the underserved, such as homeless shelters, youth programs and education, performing arts, the environment, Veterans’ needs, and health/medical research and programs. Bruce Hauben says, “CLiF is a superb match to [our areas of focus] in bringing reading and books to diverse populations of kids through different avenues, that either haven’t had the awareness or availability of books, often both, and reading and writing programs. Getting kids started reading at an early age is the best way to instill the necessity and enjoyment of reading throughout one’s life.”

He says, “[My wife] and I grew up in homes where reading began in our infancy, and books and reading were an integral part of our growing up and are so important to this day. We never go anywhere without a book, Kindle, iPad or other reading material…Reading well is a prerequisite for a solid education and the adequate vocabulary needed to participate in a growing technical and complex society, not to mention the pure enjoyment of reading for pleasure. The earlier kids can get exposed to reading the better and the more likely it is to stick throughout their lives. Reading also opens up doors to new possibilities in life that might have never been thought about. Whatever one does in life be it welding, nursing, teaching or becoming a programmer, doctor or bus driver, you’ve got to read well to succeed.”

The HGHF has donated to CLiF for 20 years. They say, “We’ve watched Duncan [McDougall]’s presentations at schools many times and love seeing the interactions with the kids and their thrill in getting books of their very own. Expanding to include writing, and authors’ programs only enhances the basis of reading.”

Bridgeside Books

Each holiday season, piles of new children’s books gather under Bridgeside Books’ “Giving Tree,” destined to be chose and taken home by the eager young readers CLiF serves.

Former owner Hiata Corduan says, “I started reading at a young age and have always had a book nearby throughout my life. I truly believe reading opens the world–the sooner kids discover this amazing journey, the better. As a child, I remember having a variety of ways to get my hands on books–school library, local library, school programs, and our local bookstore. The programs that CLiF offer in communities throughout VT and NH are an amazing way of putting books into kids hands, and in many cases beginning their journey of reading. By donating books to CLiF I am able to be a part of the gift and discovery of reading, and is one of the best gifts I can give.”

Ross A. Lurgio Middle School

“Hosting a book drive with CLiF is a win-win situation for all involved! CLiF offers clear steps to begin the process of hosting a book drive and the friendly and accessible staff are just a phone call away. All students need access to high quality literature to develop life long reading habits and CLiF provides new books to at-risk students in our local NH and VT communities. The book drive has become a fun annual community building event for Ross A Lurgio Middle School. Students strive to collect as many books as possible during our Read-a-thon week and through this process, they begin to understand how their thoughtful actions can help others connect to the world around them.” -Anne Detwiler


First drive in 2017, did again in 2018

“I began to think since we are a school it should have something to do with literacy. I called a local librarian and voila I was in touch with CLIF. I went back to TONY and he LOVED the idea because it would benefit children around the state of NH as does VLACS. …The response was beyond our wildest dreams. Everyone has a treasured book and every one of us was willing to not only share that book but the story that went with it…the memories we still recall. Passing on a book to create new memories is a gift that keeps giving! Powerful to see what an impact a few people may make when their efforts are pooled.” -Pauline Landrigan

Pauline attended Nashua Summer Readers event summer 2018

NorthCountry Federal Credit Union

For the 2017-2018 school year, NorthCountry Federal Credit Union (NCFCU) supported the CLiF Year of the Book at the Alburgh Community Education Center in Alburgh, VT, where NCFCU has a local branch. The sponsorship brought many author visits, special literacy initiatives, family literacy events, and new books to the Alburgh community. Each child got to pick ten new books to keep. Through its Grants for New England Partnerships program, NCFCU also secured a donation to CLiF from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston.

In 2018-2019, NCFCU sponsored the Year of the Book program at Morristown Elementary School in Morrisville, VT and JFK Elementary School in Winooski, VT. Their generous gift will bring new books to students at both of those schools.

Bob Morgan, NCFCU CEO, says, “NorthCountry Federal Credit Union is pleased to sponsor CLiF’s Year of the Book in Winooski and Morrisville, and support its mission of spreading a love of reading among children in our community.”

Planned Giving

Kathy Powell volunteers weekly at the CLiF HQ, enthusiastically sorting, sticker-ing, and packing thousands of books to reach children in need all over Vermont and New Hampshire. Kathy is an avid reader and dog lover and brings joy to the CLiF team each week, including our four-legged friends. Kathy has chosen to inspire a love of reading and writing in young people for generations to come by joining CLiF’s Legacy Giving.

She says, “Reading and books are as essential to a child’s development as food and water. Regardless of where a child lives, his or her family’s socio-economic status, or nationality of origin, each and every child should have lifelong access to books starting as infants or toddlers. CLiF reaches populations in Vermont and New Hampshire that do not have the community financial resources I always had wherever I have lived.  It is imperative to me that CLiF continue its mission long after my demise, which is why three years ago I included in my will a planned giving bequest. I encourage members of my CLiF “family” also to consider setting up a posthumous gift now. Collectively we can ensure the ongoing efficacy of CLiF for children well into the future.”  –Kathy Powell

CLiF has served over 350,000 children since 1998.

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