Kick Off: Burlington, VT

October 2, 2020 8:30-10:45 Burlington, VT

J.J. Flynn Elementary School's Year of the Book kick-off event will be Thursday, September 17 for in-person learners day students and, Friday, October 2 for the other half.

8:30-9:00- 4th & 5th grades

9:15-9:45- 2nd & 3rd grades

10:15-10:45- K & 1st grades

Duncan McDougall, CLiF director, will present from the tent and students will sit outside of the tent socially distanced. 

Finale and Book Giveaway: Post Mills, VT

October 6, 2020 10:30-2:00 Thetford, VT

Geroge Peabody Library will wrap up its CLiF Rural Library grant with poetry by Ted Scheu. Ted will first visit with the preschoolers from town before K-6 students from the Thetford Elementary School. Earlier in the day, each student will select two new books to bring home and to celebrate summer reading season. 10:30 am at PK; the first school presentation at 1:15 and the second at 2:00.

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