Duncan McDougall founded CLiF in Hanover, NH in 1998. His lifelong interest in words, languages, and teaching has inspired his successful career as a consultant, a freelance writer, and a founder of locally active nonprofit organizations.

Duncan grew up in Montreal and studied economics and political science as an undergraduate at Vanderbilt University. He received an MBA from the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College in 1987. He then spent seven years at Mercer Management Consulting in Boston. While at Mercer, Duncan became a partner who specialized in marketing strategy and worked with many U.S. and international clients.

In 1998, Duncan left the corporate world to start CLiF. Since then, he has been CLiF’s executive director, principal fundraiser, and one of its busiest presenters. He has read books, told stories, and talked about the power of literacy with tens of thousands of children, and given hundreds of seminars to parents to show how to make reading with their kids fun and easy.

Duncan is also active in local environmental and civic campaigns. He is founder and chair of Waterbury LEAP, coordinator of Waterbury in Motion, and is very involved in local flood recovery efforts following Tropical Storm Irene. He lives in Waterbury Center, VT with his wife and son. You can reach Duncan at gro.e1569102488nilno1569102488filc@1569102488filc1569102488.