Announcing our 2016/17 Year of the Book Partnerships!

The CLiF Year of the Book Grant was created to support elementary schools with rural, at-risk, and/or low income students (preschool–grade 6) in New Hampshire and Vermont working toward strengthening their school community through literacy programs. The grant began with the 2012-2013 school year, when CLiF awarded six different schools (three each in New Hampshire and Vermont) more than $20,000 worth of literacy programming and books. After completing a program analysis with the international educational research firm WestEd, CLiF started awarding eight grants (four each in New Hampshire and Vermont), each including more than $25,000 worth of literacy programming, books, and support.

Activities and Support

  • $25,000 worth of literacy programming and books
  • Six literacy-related programs to take place during the 2015-2016 school year and several other forms of support (see below for details)
  • Up to 10 new high-quality children’s books for students to select and keep (maximum 2,000 books per school)
  • CLiF support in arranging logistics, integrating low-cost literacy programs into the school year, networking with past and present coordinators, and accessing additional CLiF resources

Goals of Year of the Book

  • Supplement elementary schools’ existing efforts to create a pro-literacy culture in the school community
  • Encourage enthusiasm for books among students in preschool-grade 6
  • Inspire students to read and write for pleasure
  • Support teachers’ literacy curricula and creative integration of literacy into all areas of study
  • Ensure all children have a collection of high-quality books of their own at home
  • Engage parents and encourage reading at home

To Apply

Deadline has passed for 2016/17 applications.

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