Each year more than 700 people, businesses, foundations, and social organizations make a financial contribution to CLiF. We rely entirely on the support of these generous donors. We do not receive any state or federal funds.

We hope you enjoy meeting some of our kind supporters – and we hope you will join them!

Barbara and Dan Lynch Barbara Lynch (back right) at one of the many CLiF events she and Dan have sponsored.

Barbara and Dan Lynch

Since 2000, Barbara and Dan Lynch of Lyme, NH have made annual donations that have helped CLiF support children and families in a dozen communities.

Dan appreciates the direct impact of their CLiF donations. “A lot of times you make a donation and feel like only a small amount of the money actually goes directly toward the cause. With CLiF you know that the check you write goes a long way. CLiF is one of the most efficient non-profits I’ve seen.”

Barbara suggests attending a CLiF event. “It’s a great way to see what an enormous impact a relatively small donation can have, and how much it really means to the recipients.”

Harry Hopper  Harry Hopper (at back, holding basket) at his birthday party with friends holding books and donations for CLiF.

Harry Hopper

Harry Hopper was eight years old when he began supporting CLiF. At his birthday party, Harry collected donations from attendees and sent CLiF a check for $200. “My mom works with children and shared with me that some of her students do not own any books of their own,” Harry explained. “I couldn’t believe it! I think that all children should have the opportunity to have books.”

Harry still contributes to CLiF every year through his birthday party fundraiser. Recently, he raised over $350. “I had over 20 friends who came and donated to CLiF this year,” he stated proudly.

Autodesk, Inc.  Autodesk representative Sheila Coache (at right) at one of the many CLiF presentations sponsored by her company.

Autodesk, Inc.

Autodesk, Inc., a software and services company with offices in Manchester, NH, made its first donation to CLiF in 2006 to sponsor a rural public library in New Ipswich, NH. Thanks to this gift, CLiF gave $2,000 in new children’s books to the library and held an exciting storytelling and literacy presentation for 200 elementary school children.

“The CLiF event in New Ipswich was wonderful,” said Lucille Wenzel, human resources generalist at Autodesk. “Three of us from Autodesk attended and we had a great time. We were amazed how engaged the children were with the storytelling. We want to do what we can to help young children enjoy reading. This will help them do well in school and succeed in work.”

Pleased with their experience, Autodesk doubled their donation in 2007 and has made annual contributions to CLiF since then.

The Turrell Fund  Duncan talking with children at a CLiF presentation sponsored by the Turrell Fund.

The Turrell Fund

The Turrell Fund is based in New Jersey. It supports organizations that help youth, with special emphasis on direct services to needy youngsters in New Jersey and Vermont.

The Turrell Fund first supported CLiF in 1999 when our organization operated only one program that served 2,000 children in 12 towns. Since then, thanks in part to ongoing support of the Turrell Fund and many other foundations, CLiF has served more than 135,000 children in almost 400 towns.

Turrell grants have helped CLiF start or expand many successful initiatives including programs serving children and families in homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, and low-income housing.

Commented Turrell Fund Executive Director Curtland Fields, “Like CLiF, we believe literacy is a vital factor in opening up learning and lifetime opportunities for people. We have been very impressed with the quality and efficiency of the leadership at CLiF, and we particularly appreciate CLiF’s willingness and ability to take their literacy programs directly to those people most in need.”

All Saints Church  Mrs. Audrey Graham (in red) with fellow church members after gathering a dozen boxes of beautiful new books for CLiF.

All Saints Church

Mrs. Audrey Graham of Briarcliff, NY heard from her daughter in Vermont about CLiF’s work to provide new books to needy young readers. As a life-long lover of books, she was touched by the work and decided to help. This energetic octogenarian spearheaded a book drive at All Saints Church. Within two months she and her congregation collected more than a dozen cartons of beautiful new books and many financial donations.

Audrey explained, “I love books, and children’s books especially. When the drive was done I announced in church how many books we had gathered, and everybody started clapping. They really enjoyed collecting the books and finding a worthy outlet. Some people who couldn’t collect books wrote checks. It was such a wonderful thing to know all those books were going to children who need them.”

Dr. Ethan Allen Sims

Dr. Ethan Allen Sims

Dr. Ethan Allen Sims felt life would simply not be the same without books. He remembered vividly his father reading Jules Verne’s Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea aloud. “My father had such a wonderful way of reading. He read to me regularly until I was 12.”

When Ethan was eight, he loved reading books about famous researchers such as Louis Pasteur. These books influenced him to pursue a life in medicine. He became a celebrated researcher in the field of obesity and a Professor Emeritus at University of Vermont School of Medicine. When Dr. Sims died recently, he left a generous bequest to CLiF so that hundreds of children could also fall in love with books and reading.