June 20 Friday Links Library

Posted by on June 20, 2014.

Ahh, summer sun! We’re soaking up the vitamin D, smelling the peonies, mixing the lemonade, and planning weekend beach reads.

Here are a few links that caught our eyes this week:

  • CLiF advisor Michele Tine has published new research showing that after a few minutes of aerobic exercise low-income kids score better on reading comprehension tests. In fact, exercise appears to close the achievement gap.
  • From Wired: you actually absorb what you read better when you read it on paper instead of a screen. Really!
  • Our friends at Reading Is Fundamental and their corporate partner Macy’s surveyed families with kids to ask if reading is a top priority during the summer. Turns out only 17% agree.
  • Finally, here’s a fun and eye-opening chart showing the year science fiction books were published…and the year the fantastic inventions predicted in those books became reality (and yet: still no flying cars).


Happy Friday!

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