What is CLiF’s tax ID?

Our federal tax ID (EIN) number is 02-0498154. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

What is your policy on sharing donor information?

CLiF never shares donor information, ever.

Where can I find your financial statements and budget information?

This information is available in our annual report. You can find our most recent annual reports on our Financials page.

Does CLiF operate in any other states?

No, CLiF only operates in New Hampshire and Vermont. Learn about our programs.

Is CLiF affiliated with any other organizations?

CLiF is not formally affiliated with any other organizations. We are an independent non-profit organization that was founded in Hanover, NH in 1998. We do, however, have more than a dozen program partnerships with educational and social service organizations across the Twin States.

Are there other organizations similar to CLiF that operate in other states?

We do not know of another organization like CLiF in any other state. Learn more about our programs.

I have some books I’d like to donate to CLiF. What should I do?

Every year CLiF gives thousands of new, high-quality children’s books to low-income, at-risk, and rural children. We do not give away used books.

Many of the children we serve are used to getting second- or third-hand possessions. The books they receive from CLiF are special. If you would like to donate new books appropriate for children up to age 12 please contact us, and thank you. CLiF does not distribute books that have overt religious or political themes or that are direct tie-ins to TV shows, movies, or video games.

How does one become a CLiF presenter?

CLiF works only with professional children’s books authors, children’s book illustrators, poets, and storytellers who live in New Hampshire or Vermont and who have experience and success working with children up to age 12. If you meet these criteria and would like to be considered as a CLiF presenter please contact us.

How is CLiF funded?

Unlike many non-profits, CLiF does not receive a penny of state or federal funds. We rely entirely on support from:

  • Individuals and families
  • Social and educational organizations (e.g., churches, schools, Rotary clubs, Brownie troops)
  • Local companies
  • Foundations

Learn more about our financials and how you can help.

What are the different ways I can support CLiF?

CLiF is a 501(c)(3) organization. All donations are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. You can help us inspire young readers and writers in the following ways:

There are plenty of ways you can support CLiF’s work without making a financial donation. Learn about other ways to help.

How did CLiF get started?

Executive Director Duncan McDougall and a group of educators, librarians, literacy program coordinators, storytellers and publishers founded CLiF in February, 1998 in Hanover, NH. These individuals were concerned about the high number of children who grow up with low literacy skills and wanted to do what they could to support and inspire young readers and writers across New Hampshire and Vermont. Learn more about our history.

Where is CLiF’s headquarters?

CLiF’s main office is located in Waterbury Center, VT (between Burlington and Montpelier). Visit us! We were founded in Hanover, NH and we frequently hold board meetings there as well.

Who is involved in CLiF?

We have a staff of five, a Board of Directors and a Board of Advisors. There are more than 50 professional authors, illustrators, and storytellers who give CLiF presentations. Several volunteers near our office in Waterbury Center, VT help in many ways. Learn about our leadership and our presenters.

Does CLiF need volunteers?

CLiF has a handful of volunteer opportunities for individuals who live near our office in Waterbury Center, VT. If you don’t live nearby but would like to support our work you can:

Learn more about how you can help.

May I come and see CLiF in action? Are all CLiF’s events open to the public?

Almost all CLiF events are open to the public. We would love to have you join us. (Please note that some events in locations such as shelters or prisons are private).

Please check our event calendar for dates, and please be sure to call the CLiF office to verify the event location and make sure that the event has not been rescheduled.

How does CLiF find the communities and organizations it supports?

Some of our programs have an application process. Others are conducted based on recommendations we receive and research we have conducted. Often our programs are given to schools and other non-profits that hear of our work through various media. If you know of a school, library, shelter, bookmobile, low-income housing development, or other organization that could benefit from our programs, please contact us.

CLiF has served over 350,000 children since 1998.

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