Thank you for your interest in becoming a business supporter of CLiF!

Many business and corporate funders appreciate working with CLiF because we show clear results for each donation. Every time a business sponsors a CLiF event at a school, library, Head Start program, shelter, or low-income housing development, we invite the sponsors to attend as special guests.

We send a thank-you note to funders after the event detailing how many children were served and where the event took place. Funders receive colorful photos of children choosing books – and sometimes even thank-you notes from the kids themselves – and copies of any media coverage.

When you partner with CLiF, you know how your money makes a difference in children’s lives.

Please contact CLiF Executive Director Duncan McDougall at 802-244-0944 or to learn more about becoming a business sponsor.

CLiF has served over 350,000 children since 1998.

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