Can you imagine life without books, reading, and writing? If you can’t, we hope you will consider supporting CLiF through a bequest or planned gift. By doing so you will allow CLiF to continue “Opening Books, Opening Minds, Opening Doors” for thousands of children for decades to come.

Many people have included CLiF in their planned giving and become members of CLiF’s Legacy Circle. You can remember CLiF in your will either by a specific dollar amount or percentage, or as the residual beneficiary of your estate. A bequest can serve as an enduring memorial to your support of children’s literacy and will help CLiF reach and inspire many young readers and writers.

Please let us know if you’ve included CLiF in your planned giving so we can share our thanks. If it would be helpful, CLiF can arrange at no charge for an attorney to create the appropriate wording in your legal documents.

For more information contact Duncan at or 802-244-0944. Thank you!

CLiF has served over 350,000 children since 1998.

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