CLiF offers a unique grant opportunity to help build bridges and strengthen relationships between different groups within communities across Vermont and New Hampshire. Learn more about the Community Building grants we designed to achieve this goal by using reading and writing to bring people together.

For 2022-23, the Community Building grants will offer grantees the option to select from four opportunities that use reading and writing to connect kids to their communities while building a love of literacy:

  • Reading Buddies for Seniors or Pen Pals – includes an author visit, an onsite library, and a two book giveaway
  • 1000 Books Before Kindergarten – includes an author visit, an onsite library, and a two book giveaway
  • This is What Democracy Looks Like – visit from the Center for Cartoon Studies, copies of the comic for students, and funds for a civic engagement project
  • Design your own! What project will bring your students into contact with their community with literacy as an engagement point? How about multi-cultural programming to bring community together and enhance understanding of each other? Are there inclusive ways to serve your community that could use CLiF’s support?

To Apply

An organization, program, or facility must meet these requirements to apply for this year’s Community Building Programming Grant:

  • Community organizations located in New Hampshire or Vermont.
  • Your project must serve a community with at least 30% of students qualifying for free/reduced lunch. Your application must show how you will partner with CLiF’s target audience of children ages 0-12 in under-resourced or under-represented communities.
  • At least 30 kids must participate in the program, virtually or in-person.
  • Organizations with an enthusiastic and organized coordinator willing to collaborate with CLiF on planning, organizing, and communicating about your project.


Use “contact” button below to ask CLiF Program Manager Cassie Willner questions about the grant components, eligibility, or implementation.

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