Two-Sentence Stories: And the Winners Are…

When we launched CLiF’s first Two-Sentence Story Contest back in February 2023, we were realistic about our goals and expectations. “Thirty entries would be great,” we agreed. “That would be a success.”  The challenge for that inaugural contest was: “Tell us a story about winter.” And, as it turns out, the children of Vermont and … Continued

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CLiF’s 2024 Two-Sentence Writing Contest

CLiF’s 2024 Two-Sentence Writing Contest is underway! This year’s theme is “Tell Us a Two-Sentence Story That Takes Place in the Sky.” Free to enter, and open to all Vermont and New Hampshire kids 12 and under. Prizes will be awarded to top entries. Submissions must be received by March 29.


Volunteer Spotlight: Trevor Luce

CLiF is incredibly fortunate to have many dedicated volunteers whose behind-the-scenes efforts boost our organization’s efficiency and function immeasurably. We recently sat down with Trevor Luce, the tech guru who generously serves as CLiF’s entire IT department, to ask him a few questions about his background with the organization, and what motivates him to volunteer.

General / Year of the Book

Another Year of the Book Kicks Off!

The CLiF Year of the Book grant is a huge deal for schools that are selected. It’s a massive infusion of funds, support, and events designed to help a school build a culture of literacy over the academic year. And, of course, they get lots of books! Students (grades preK-6) each get to take home 10 new, high-quality books that they choose for themselves from a diverse selection.


Ten Tips for Reading with Your Child

It’s never too early to start reading with your child. Because our brains begin to develop the building blocks of language during infancy, even newborn babies benefit from being read to by a parent or caregiver. Not only does reading aloud to your child help build their listening skills, vocabularies and attention spans, it is also a great opportunity to bond and create positive memories together. 


Fall Literacy Activities Kids Will Love

The leaves are starting to turn, the air is growing brisker, and the pumpkin spice is running rampant. Fall is officially here, bringing with it a slew of seasonal literacy activities you can do with your child! As kids settle back into their school day routines, it’s a great time to instill an appreciation for reading and writing that extends beyond the classroom setting.


A Library Card Opens New Worlds

September is National Library Card Sign-Up Month, the perfect time to take your child to sign up for their first library card! In today’s fast-paced digital age, where information is just a click away, it can be too easy for some to overlook the timeless appeal of the library. However, libraries remain an invaluable resource for cultivating a love of reading and learning, especially among children. The simple act of acquiring a library card opens the door to endless possibilities for a child, while establishing the groundwork for a lifelong relationship with an institution where everyone is welcome. 

CLiF team / General

Join the CLiF Team!

The Children’s Literacy Foundation (CLiF) is looking for a part-time finance coordinator to join our team! Perks include flexible hours, friendly co-workers, a brand-new office space with plenty of parking, bottomless mugs of Nespresso coffee, being part of an organization with an undeniably great mission, and much more!

General / Book Recommendations

Book Picks from Book People

At the Children’s Literacy Foundation (CLiF), we’re big believers in encouraging kids to choose their own books, but we also recognize that a little guidance can be helpful. With that in mind, we asked some bookish pals to recommend some of their favorite books for readers aged 8 to 12. Here’s what they said.

General / Book Recommendations

After the Flood: Helping Kids Find Resilience Through Literature

Two weeks ago, my 9-year-old daughter watched our beloved hometown of Montpelier, VT go from an idyllic downtown to a mess of ruined homes, businesses, apartments, and office buildings. We’ve witnessed a lot of destruction as well as people coming together to support each other, fundraise, and rebuild. I cannot emphasize these messages of resilience enough as we think and talk about the flood. And yet, I must say it’s a very, very sad scene. 


CLiF’s Summer Newsletter

CLiF sends out a print newsletter twice a year, sharing stories from our programs, news from our partners and presenters, our map representing the sites we serve, and of course, lots of pictures from our events! If you don’t currently receive our print newsletter, and would like to, please send us an email!


Thriving Through Reading

Picture this: A young girl crosses her arms and scowls when things don’t go her way. She’s mad because she can’t control what’s happening in her life. In another scenario, a little boy hides, throws his toys, and cries when he is sad. These sound like everyday situations–and they are–but when children arrive at school holding on to big feelings like these, it makes learning and socializing difficult.


CLiF’s 2023-2024 Rural Library Partners

The CLiF team recently met to discuss the pool of applicants for our 2023-2023 Rural Library grant, and to select this year’s recipients. This grant is designed to help small-town libraries in Vermont and New Hampshire create excitement around reading, increase circulation, and strengthen relationships with the communities they serve.


Building Community Through Literacy

Here at CLiF, we’re all about building community. You’ll hear this phrase throughout our various channels and in reference to our many, many partners across Vermont and New Hampshire. Our work ultimately aims to build a culture of literacy within a local community, and one grant in particular targets this goal: the Community Building Grant.


Q+A with Laura Rice, CLiF’s New Executive Director

Having given CLiF Executive Director Laura Rice a little time to settle into her new role, we decided it was time to get to know her better! So, we peppered her with questions, and she humored us by provided insightful answers that illustrate some of the many reasons we are thrilled to have her as CLiF’s new leader.


Turning a Page

In honor of founding Executive Director Duncan McDougall’s final day at CLiF, we are republishing the letter he penned for our 2022-2023 Winter Newsletter, graciously–as always–extending his thanks to the many friends and supporters of the organization he created. Today it is our turn to extend our sincere gratitude to Duncan for his dedicated leadership of CLiF over the last 25 years.

CLiF has served over 350,000 children since 1998.

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