We provide $500 to past CLiF partners to help them revive enthusiasm for reading and writing programs.

Activities and Support

Successful grant recipients will choose from a menu of components with which they can plan program-wide literacy activities. Options include funds for new books, author visits, or materials to host a school-wide or family activity. In the grant application, programs will need to detail their plans to implement the grant prior to June 1, 2021; feedback is due June 15, 2021.

Note about 2020-2021/COVID-19:

In this year where planning is difficult, CLiF has combined our Revive your Literacy Programming and Community Building grants to offer more flexible opportunities to use reading and writing to connect kids to their communities while building a love of literacy. The Revive grant is typically $500 to support programming, and the Community Building is $1000 for author visits, books, and events. Read more about our Community Building grant. This year, the application asks how much money you are requesting. CLiF is open to many ways of safely and meaningfully delivering the components of these grants.

To Apply

An organization, program, or facility must meet these requirements to apply for this year’s Community Building/ Revive Your Literacy Programming Grant:

  • Community organizations located in New Hampshire or Vermont.
  • Your project must serve a community with at least 30% of students qualifying for free/reduced lunch. Your application must show how you will partner with CLiF’s target audience of low-income, at-risk, and rural children.
  • At least 30 kids must participate in the program, virtually or in-person.
  • Organizations with an enthusiastic and organized coordinator willing to collaborate with CLiF on planning, organizing, and communicating about your project.
  • Typically, Revive is for former CLiF grant recipients – this year, we will waive this requirement in order to help as many providers as possible bring literacy to kids during this COVID crisis.


Use “contact” button below to ask CLiF Program Director Meredith Scott questions about the grant components, eligibility, or implementation.

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