We provide $500 to past CLiF partners to help them revive enthusiasm for reading and writing programs.

Activities and Support

Successful grant recipients will choose from a menu of components with which they can plan program-wide literacy activities. Options include funds for new books, author visits, or materials to host a school-wide or family activity. In the grant application, programs will need to detail their plans to implement the grant prior to May 1, 2020.

To Apply

Applications are due January 17, 2020.

An organization, program, or facility must meet these requirements to apply for CLiF’s Revive Your Literacy Programming Grant:

  • Have received a CLiF grant in the last five years (including At Risk, Rural Libraries, Summer Readers, and Year of the Book). Note to Year of the Book applicants: Priority will be given to schools whose grants pre-date the addition of Momentum Grants in 2014.
  • A program who received a Revive grant must wait 3 years before being eligible for another Revive grant.
  • Serve children from birth to age 12 (or within that range); CLiF will serve children through grade 6 only.
  • Be able to gather at least 30 children for a storytelling event.

Use “contact” button below to ask CLiF Program Director Meredith Scott questions about the grant components, eligibility, or implementation.

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