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The Importance of Parent Involvement in Early Childhood Education

As parents, you are your child’s first and most important teachers. Parents have a hugely important role to play in shaping literacy, social and emotional skills. Parental involvement impacts directly and indirectly on a child’s learning. Here are some tips so you can involve yourself in your child’s development.   Image Source: Pexels   Reading … Continued


Guest post: Encouraging a love of books from behind bars

We are thrilled to have a guest post today from Deb Nelson, CLiF board member and AP English teacher at Lebanon High School. This past Friday I was picked up in the misty gray morning by my fellow board member, Jess Eakin, for our drive south to Concord where we spent the day in prison. As many readers … Continued

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March 21 Friday Links Library

Happy Spring! Kind of. Nobody’s putting their skis away around here. Lots of interesting tidbits in the news this week. Here’s the roundup: Last week, the New York Times printed op-eds by father and son authors Walter Dean Myers and Christopher Myers on why we all critically need to see children of color better represented in … Continued

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