Duncan is a frequent presenter for the Children’s Literacy Foundation. He founded CLiF in 1998 and serves as its Executive Director. Over the past two decades Duncan has given roughly 1,500 literacy and storytelling presentations to almost 100,000 children across New Hampshire and Vermont.

During his presentations Duncan conducts fun, interactive discussions with children about the power and joy of reading and writing. He book-talks many of the titles in the collection of CLiF books and tells stories from at least one book from a large collection of stories he carries with him. He is an energetic and funny storyteller who loves to get kids involved in the tales he weaves. His presentations are designed to help all kids understand that reading and writing are fun, and that books can take you anywhere.

Duncan has also given presentations to thousands of parents and early childhood caregivers about the importance of sharing books and stories with children as early and often as possible, and ways to successfully share books with kids even if an adult is not a strong or confident reader.

Duncan has worked as a freelance writer, teacher, radio commentator, and consultant. He has founded and run nonprofit organizations that support children’s literacy, environmental issues, and local development, and is active in local and statewide political campaigns. He lives in Waterbury Center, VT with his wife and son.