CLiF would like to introduce or re-introduce you to Gina Perry of North Hampton, NH. Gina writes and illustrates her own books, and illustrates for other authors.

Watch Gina’s presentation from February 3, World Read Aloud Day!

Things to think about:

  • See a sample of her book illustrations – how would you describe her style?
  • How do you get started creating a character?
  • What is the editing process like for an illustrator?
  • How does your process differ if you are the author/illustrator or illustrating another author’s story?

Here are a few ways to get to know Gina’s work better:

CLiF has created literacy activities for students of all ages here. Here are some that would go nicely with Gina’s work:

For younger kids:

  • Story Yoga – tell a story about animals and monsters using known or imagined yoga poses
  • Fairy Tale Fridge Magnets – draw your own characters and tell stories using your images

For older kids:

For families:

  • Family book club – compare books you have read that include imagined beasts and magical animals
  • Wonder Wall – make a space to jot down notes, images, and observations that make you pause. How could they be put into a story?

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