Considered a national and international expert, Karen Gross has served as a scholar, teacher, administrator and community leader dedicated to improving the lives of those less privileged. She is a former college president in Vermont and former Senior Policy Advisory to the US Department of Education.  She views herself as an author/educator and spends most of her time writing, speaking and teaching. She focuses on underserved children, especially those kids who have experienced toxic stress, trauma and abuse. She speaks frequently and writes regularly about education issues for various audiences and in a wide array of publications such as Change: The Magazine of Higher Learning, Huffington Post, Washington Post, Hechinger Report, New England Journal of Higher Ed, Diverse, Road2College, National Journal, Diverse, InsideHigherEd and the Chronicle of Higher Education.

Lady Lucy’s Quest and Lady Lucy’s Dragon Quest are stories of a feisty young girl who wants to be a Knight in the Middle Ages. She confronts many hurdles but ultimately finds success because she is able to solve problems in unique and unexpected ways. Through her actions and words, she demonstrates the importance of pursuing one’s dreams and the power of the possible for children everywhere. Both are available in Spanish.

Karen’s book of poems, Flying Umbrellas and Red Boats, will be released in Spring 2019.

Recent Work