Writing can be a miraculous activity that thrills both authors and readers from all over the world. Almost everyone starts writing at one point in life because somehow it just feels natural to express your thoughts and feelings in the textual form.

But not everyone is capable of writing uniquely.

It takes a genuine master to build a unique writing style and distinguish him/her/theirself from the crowd of authors. A report shows that over 281 thousand people in the US are currently employed as authors, writers, and editors, but there are also millions of individuals who create content as bloggers, journalists, and similar.

Now, the big question is: How do I become a special author with a unique writing style? A small portion of the answer lies in raw talent, but you need to work hard in order to find your own place in the writing sun. We present you with six practical tips to do it successfully.

1.    Write Every Day

Only a handful of writers are actually born with enough talent to skip practicing. All the others have to write every single day in order to perfect their skills, develop a style of their own, and stay productive in the long run.

For example, Mark Twain used to write approximately three pages every morning. It was the first thing on his to-do list every day and he kept the same routine throughout his career.

This sort of consistency helps you discover new writing techniques and find an approach that matches your personality, emotions, and sensibility. Although it will take you a lot of time, it is the only way to become a unique author.

2.    Beware of Details

Do you know what separates the best writers from their less successful colleagues? It is the ability to spot even the smallest detail and describe it in their poems, novels, articles, or blog posts.

Jake Gardner, an essay writer at Best Essays, claims that everyone can write about generic topics or situations: “However, skilled writers pay attention to details as they tend to add a broader context to little things. They do it to create a special environment that perfectly reflects a character’s state of mind.”

The bottom line is that you should always be specific and concrete. Small things make our lives interesting, so do your best to identify interesting details and discuss them in your work.

3.    Write with a Tweak

Do you want to make your texts more interesting? If yes, perhaps you should start writing with a simple tweak. This rule applies to all types of writing – from novels to short stories to website articles. The point is not to reveal everything right away, but rather to save something special for the latter stages of the content. That way, you will become acknowledged as the author who knows how to evoke excitement among readers and your audience will read passionately to discover the plot twist.

4.    Use Online Resources for Help

Tip number four is rather technical, but it is precious for writers who can’t seem to find the way out of creative drought. Namely, a lot of online resources can support you in the process of building a unique style of writing. Different tools serve different purposes, but let’s check out some of the most valuable options currently available:

  • Draft is an excellent time-management tool that reminds you to achieve daily writing goals.
  • The best essay writing websites will help you with everything from idea generation to proofreading.
  • As soon as you come up with a brilliant idea, you should write it down using Evernote.
  • Hemingway App assists authors who want to simplify their prose and make it understandable.

5.    Do Not Use Clichés

This goes without saying, but we still see way too many clichés in modern writing. A cliché will not make you a better writer – it will only prove that you don’t try enough and that you lack the creativity to think of a more convenient phrase.

We already described a few tools, but this is the right place to mention Cliché Finder. It’s a user-friendly platform that helps you check the text and eliminate overused words or phrases. It forces you to think differently and find alternative solutions like a truly creative thinker.

6.    Be Honest

Although very simple, the last tip on our list is probably the most important. You will never become a genuine author if you follow the footsteps of other writers and repeat the same content creation techniques.

Your job is to be completely honest and use personal experiences as the foundation for your prose. You see the world from a unique perspective, so the only real issue is how to write it down and create a special piece of text based on your ideas and experiences.

The Bottom Line

Almost anyone can write, but not everyone is able to develop a unique style and become recognized as a very special author. If your goal is to set yourself apart from other writers, you need to work diligently and try to perfect your writing prowess.

In this post, we showed you six simple tips to find your own unique writing style. These are not the only techniques you could use, but they make an excellent starting point for authors who want to write differently.


Isabell Gaylord is an assignment help writer at the custom essay service. As a member of professional writing services, Isabell covers a broad scope of topics like literature, education, lifestyle, and self-improvement. She is a passionate traveler and a dedicated yoga practitioner.

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