Happy Friday!

Here are some stories we liked this week:

A review of Bookmooch, a book swap club, and impressive statistics on how members can donate their points to “school libraries, classroom libraries, public libraries, and prison libraries” so they can choose gently used books for their collections. Closing the literacy achievement gap by ‘re-gifting’ the love of reading by Stephen Krashen, Language Magazine

Want to fund a project for your class or your child’s classroom? Try donorschoose.org. This article outlines how one classroom teacher built infrastructure to motivate a network of donors to support teachers’ needs. Beyond School Supplies: How Donorschoose is Crowdsourcing Real Education Reform.

Another success story – Children’s Book with Coding Theme a Kickstarter Hit. Author Linda Liukas, “a business school dropout, wants to introduce basic programming concepts like sequences, loops and conditionals. She wants kids to understand and embrace basic computer logic, so that they later formulate code in the same effortless and creative way they build structures with LEGO.”

Happy Friday and Happy Belated Birthday to Harriet the Spy!

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