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What Literacy Support Do You Need for 2020-2021?

As conversations become plans for school year 2020-2021, CLiF is looking for your ideas on how CLiF can support teachers, parents, librarians, and administrators to succeed with literacy curriculum in a different and evolving learning environment. WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR IDEAS! Thanks to IdeaScale Crowd, CLiF is soliciting ideas and compiling a growing list of ideas for, … Continued

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A Church Walks the Talk

The 75 members of the First Church in Jaffrey, NH are an energetic group of individuals who feel that they should demonstrate not only in words, but also in deeds, their love for their fellow human beings and the planet around us.

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No Words Necessary

Time with a toddler can be an exhausting string of activity. When you’re not decoding the cause for the latest tantrum, you’re plucking your child from the arm of the couch before he belly flops onto the cushions.

This past Friday I was watching my own crazed toddler, Emmett, in addition to two other children his age. Needless to say, my morning involved a mug of coffee gone cold and a maze of picking up toys, mopping up milk, and repeatedly reminding them to be gentle. By naptime, I was ready to snooze myself and couldn’t wait for a small window of quietness. Before I lulled them to sleep, however, I bravely tried to tackle story time.

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