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If you’re a parent and your toddler is a wild child…

If you’re a parent and your child is perpetually on the move, I can relate. My methodical, industrious two year old has snapped into a new state of existence defined by loud, energetic gross motor skills. Our afternoons, once spent quietly lining up Matchbox cars, are now full of jumping, running, soccer, roaring, and all-around … Continued

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Life, Kids, and Books: There’s an Acorn in the Dryer

There’s an acorn banging around in the dryer. Of course there is. That makes perfect sense. It goes along with the rest of it: the gobs and gobs of “art” stuck with magnets to the fridge, the Lego guy in my shoe, the missing checks and stamps that someone (and I know who!) used to … Continued

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