The leaves are changing, the air is crisper and Halloween is just around the corner!  After discovering an excess of Halloween books in our inventory, we thought it might be fun to celebrate by giving away some copies to our enthusiastic CLiF fans.

The book is Holiday Histories: Halloween. It is an easy-to-read non-fiction book that covers the traditions of Halloween. For example, did you know that bobbing for apples stems from a Roman harvest celebration to honor the goddess Pomona? This book’s fun facts are perfect for parents and children to share together.

Simply “like” this post on Facebook to be entered into a drawing to receive up to 200 copies of this book for your school or neighborhood.  CLiF wants to empower YOU to put books into the hands of children. So whether you’re a teacher who would like to give these away at your school Halloween party or a parent that would like to pass then out to the neighborhood, we encourage you to join the drawing!

Good luck!!!

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