I was lucky enough to be the Children’s Literacy Foundation 2018 summer intern. Unlike the typical intern you would see in pop culture, I don’t get the coffee. Instead I work behind-the-scenes doing program coordination, outreach, social media updates and administrative work.

One of my favorite and most important jobs at CLiF is assisting in our onsite library, because there, I have come to know and admire many of our regular volunteers. They are the beating heart that keeps the CLiF body running.

We have two groups of people that freely offer their time and energy each week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Our Tuesday volunteers include:

Margaret Luce, who started volunteering 9 years ago. She loves seeing all the children receive their books and their big smiles with gaps in their teeth. Margaret currently volunteers at CLiF, Revitalizing Waterbury, Habitat for Humanity, and is on the Waterbury Library Board.

Jim Comley, who started volunteering at CLiF 9 years ago. He says, “The staff and fellow volunteers are very personal and great to work with.”

(see photo of Margaret and Jim above)

Carol Gunn, who heard about CLiF from the local newspaper. She started volunteering 3 years ago. She says, “Jim and Margaret are such fun, I’m getting better at knowing where all the books are.” She volunteers at CLiF, Meals on Wheels, and the Hearde Museum in Arizona.

Carol Gunn

Our Thursday volunteers include:

Kathy Powell, who started volunteering with CLiF 3 years ago. She says, “I love the phenomenal staff and dogs.” Kathy volunteers at CLiF, the Waterbury Visitors Center, the Waterbury Train Station, Green Mountain Club Barns Camp, All Breed Rescue Vermont, and Revitalizing Waterbury.

Kathy Powell with her grandson

Cindy Harron, who began volunteering at CLiF after Sandy Hook in 2012. She says, “I felt like I was living in a bubble. CLiF was eye-opening because some kids don’t have something as basic as books.” Cindy currently owns and operates the tea company Simpson and Vail.

Cindy Harron

This summer, we’ve also had help from a few first-timers. We’re grateful for their support and hope to see more of them in the future.

Here are our 2018 summer volunteers:

Sue Gruschow enjoys picking out the best variety of books for kids. She volunteers at CLiF, the local Food Shelf, and St. Andrew Church.

When asked what his favorite part of serving at CLiF, Tom Brosk says, “It’s the accomplishment and the people.”

Sally Vargo says she likes “Hanging out with books. I enjoy knowing that the books are going to kids who need them.”

Sue, Sally, and Tom

Thanks to our volunteers:

  • Thousands of kids will receive free books this year
  • Our library has many hundreds of new books
  • Kids now have a chance to own a book
  • Kids have access to different types of books

The work done at CLiF doesn’t just strengthen the community. It is an investment in the future. I’ve seen that on the faces of the children who receive the books we give. Their excitement for reading and learning is renewed with each donation and each presentation. A huge thanks to those that make each smile possible.

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