Hello out there gang….. I’m excited to have you all join me one way or another. I’ve built my last 2 books with my own readers, yup, in “real time,” too. What I mean by that is teachers and students have been following me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter when I’m out in the field shooting photos and getting info for my books, which are really now OUR books. My followers have some ownership in the final product. We are ALL authors, and I’m here to make it happen.

One book was set in the remote Himalayas with a young monk who will become a great teacher or Lama. He is only 5 years old, and it is so good for children to see other children their age, around the world, and what they are doing. This young lad is studying something we all should, “Loving Kindness” and this is the title of the book.
The other book is with the “Lion Queens of India.” There are only a little over 500 of the Asiatic Lion still in existence and they are all at Gir Sanctuary in Gujarat, India. I went deep into the forest with 2 of these female rangers called Lion Queens, and my followers went too, daily with my tweets and postings, and I read their responses very carefully! Eagerly waiting for them. And yes, we saw lions.
I was invited to speak about building books in real time with my readers, at the ECIS conference for International School Librarians having their annual meeting in Chennai, India. This was wonderful! The idea is spreading. So you can follow me now, and look back and see what we did, and then come with me to make our next book!!

Jan Reynolds is an adventurer, writer, and photographer, as well as a CLiF Presenter. Follow her travels at:

twitter: @jreynoldsauthor
instagram: janreynoldsphotos
youtube: jreynoldsproductions

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