CLiF would like to introduce or re-introduce you to Chris Tebbetts of Hinesburg, VT. His books include co-authoring the Stranded, Middle School, and Viking series, and author of two YA books. CLiF created the outline below to help students of all ages think about his books and interests.

Watch his presentation from CLiF’s Virtual Author’s Series here.

Things to think about:

  • Chris has a history with theater and film; how is it similar and different to tell stories for books than for TV or stage?
  • What are the collaborations between you and your co-authors like? Read a post where Chris talks about co-authoring and authoring his own books, including the newest Me, Myself, and Him (hear an interview about this book)
  • Chris does workshops for aspiring adult authors too; how is the advice different?
  • How is it different to write a series than a stand-alone novel?
  • Chris grew up in a small town in Ohio; hear him talk about how it impacted his writing.

Here are a few ways to get to know Chris’s work better:

CLiF has created literacy activities for students of all ages here. Here are some that would go nicely with Chris’s work:

For younger kids:

  • Fridge Magnets – create magnets that let you tell a story about a character you create
  • The Best Part of Me – as you read books and poems, document about the best parts of the main characters. Can you make a new character?

For older kids:

For families:

  • Battle of the Books – set up a competition for the funniest book or to get family members to try the first book in a series
  • Exquisite Corpse – combine writing and drawing into a fun storytelling game

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