In preparation for an upcoming CLiF presenter gathering, I stocked up on their books for vacation reading.

My six year old and I particularly loved The Tapir Scientist by Sy Montgomery. My daughter truly loves animal facts (thank you Wild Kratts), and this in-depth look at the animals and the research process lit a spark. She started seeing tapirs everywhere — even while snowshoeing on the VAST trail.

Attend any CLiF presentation and watch the kids digest this: these authors and illustrators who

1. travel the world

2. win awards

3. visit schools

and 4. get to write, make art, research things they love, and tell stories for a living,

5. actually live in the same small state, sometimes just a few miles away. You can see the kids get inspired. And it amazes me too.

Here are new books from CLiF presenters, all based in Vermont and New Hampshire:


Not only do they write books but also they contribute to their communities:

  • Jessie Haas and Michael J. Daley are completing their 15th year as writing mentors to the Maple Leaf Writing Contest in the Brattleboro, Vermont schools. The contest challenges fifth and sixth graders to produce a polished manuscript in about 5 months, out of school.
  • Verandah Porche is collaborating with local painter on a traveling visual art and poetry exhibition called Shedding Light on the Working Forest while also working on a poetry residency with cancer patients undergoing treatment at Springfield Medical Center.
  • Terry Farish worked with many Bhutanese children and families relocated to New Hampshire from refugee camps in Nepal. She will travel to Nepal this month to visit schools.
  • Jan Reynolds created a Skype component to her guided reading books for PK-second grade.
  • Geof Hewitt will host Read Like A Spoken Word Poetry Champion and Open Mic Poetry Reading April 6 and 15 at Norwich University.


Wow! How lucky are we to have such diverse writers, poets, illustrators, storytellers, explorers, and researchers living in our communities and inspiring kids and adults to see different things (tapirs?) in their everyday lives!

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