CLiF would like to introduce or re-introduce you to David Martin of Lyndonville, VT. David likes to write books about animals for new readers. He only saw himself as a writer after reading lots of books to his own kids, and never thought he would leave New York City.

Watch David’s presentation and find out how he became an author and songwriter living in Vermont.

Things to think about:

  • David has turned books into songs and songs into books. Is the inspiration the same?
  • How did being a teacher impact your books?
  • Why do you like to write books for brand new readers?
  • Do you write books that rhyme? Does that impact if it can become a song?
  • Why do write series like Peep and Ducky and Piggy and Dad?

Here are a few ways to get to know David’s work better:

CLiF has created literacy activities for students of all ages here. Here are some that would go nicely with David’s work:

For younger kids:

For older kids:

For families:

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