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Here are some stories we liked this week:

“Love cracks the code, creates curiosity, sustains attention and eventually lays knowledge at their feet as they become independent readers. It is an endless ancient loop of relationships, people, books, teachers, parents, children.”


  • When you were 10 years old, wouldn’t you have been the happiest kid on earth if a cartoonist took up residency in your school and spent three days showing you how to create comics?

Take a look at what these kids in Lisbon, NH came up with in their workshop with Marek Bennett. These comics feature setting, character development, action… plus, they’re awesome.


From the Times: “I’m rich; I don’t need to sell more books,” Mr. Patterson said. “But I do think it’s essential for kids to read more broadly. And people just need to go into bookstores more. It’s not top of mind as much as it used to be.”

Happy Friday!

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