I am ashamed to say that sometimes I take my public library for granted.

Sometimes I act like having free access to all those resources, carefully filed and maintained for my use, is my God-given right. Ha!

Sometimes I behave as if all those educational opportunities the local library offers my kids are nothing more than what I expect and deserve. Can you believe it?

Sometimes I forget that there was a time in this country when libraries were only for the privileged few. Crazy.

I forget that it took the hard work of amazing people, both famous (Melvil Dewey, Andrew Carnegie) and obscure (the millions of librarians throughout the country who recognized what their communities needed and provided it for them) to make modern public libraries what they are today – centers for community, education, and research.

How embarrassing!

The other day my nutty family came barreling into our old small town library wearing slightly damp bathing suits with ice cream dribbled down the front, talking way too loud and moving way too fast for polite company, and we were treated like…


We signed up for the summer reading program (which is going to be awesome!), checked out 30 odd books, and made three new friends.

And then, of course, it hit me. The public library system is an amazing gift, a gift that somehow still exists in many towns, even with tight budgets and spending cuts.

And I am so grateful. Can you imagine this country without them?

Me neither. Ugh.

Well, here’s to all the libraries in the country, the great big beauties, the tiny little ones, and all of those in between.

Thanks libraries and librarians for all you do to provide the fuel to keep our brains awake, aware, working, and connected with each other. You are amazing!

And I’ll try not to take you for granted again.

3 responses to “Forgive Me Libraries, For I Have Been a Fool

  1. Special thank you to our big sister, Susan – the LIBRARIAN in our family! We are so lucky to have her and many others who love books in our family!

  2. I love this! and I love my cousin Amy who is a fantastic librarian in a beautiful library in a TINY town in VT.

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