In a public library, summer is the time of year when the children’s room truly comes to life.

It is the time of year when books are returned with sand from the beach stuck in their plastic book covers, when kids walk into the children’s room still soaking wet from their morning swim lessons and plop down on our giant teddy bear to read a book. It’s the time of year when we can hardly keep books on the shelves, when kids ride their bikes here to attend one of our daily events for the summer reading program. It’s when glitter and glue are spilled everywhere, when the children’s room is at its loudest, when librarians go home exhausted at the end of the day. In other words, it’s the most exciting and wonderful time of the year.

Many public libraries across the country participate in a nationwide summer reading program and offer exciting, free, and enriching events to their community members. This year the Collaborative Summer Library Program children’s theme is Fizz, Book, Read! and its emphasis is on science.

With a broad theme like science, libraries offer programs that are both educational and recreational. Many libraries are bringing in special presenters and experts in different fields of science. Libraries also offer summer storytimes, music, prizes, and many, many more creative activities.

With camps and trips, summer is a busy time for many families, but don’t miss out on the many wonderful programs at your local library. Take a peek at your library’s Summer Reading Program calendar, attend free and enriching programs, and grab some books for the beach. Just be sure to do your best to keep your books out of the sand.

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