– Using your diverse classroom library
– Power of Intrinsic Motivation and how it helps kids fight off digital distractions
– Importance of teaching oral communication
– Making school events more welcoming for single parents

Resources to ease transition to kindergarten
Screen time linked to lower brain development in preschoolers
Report: Young Learners, Missed Opportunities on getting high quality preschool for all kids
Talk, Read, Sing Initiative
Children as Teachers
– Learning from successful HeadStart programs
– New research on early childhood brain development

– What can schools learn from evolution of public libraries
– Examples of libraries supporting their communities beyond books and computers
Libraries as second responders
– What does it mean to be an innovative library
– Bringing the book mobile to the homeless shelter
Data on uptick in library usage

– Helping tweens learn to be independent thinkers while embracing trends
– Why talking while reading is key to brain development
– Tips and Tricks to build a lifelong love of reading
– What parents can do about bullying

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  1. Hi Meredith, Thank you for publishing, New research: reading, kids, and community, on the CLiF site. I appreciate the snippets of info about a wide variety of topics. Very useful info for me. Thanks again. Jill

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