Christmas cards! Wrapping! Cookies! And toys!
Ornaments! Concerts! Family! And noise!
Oh what a season to be someone’s mother
Making some magic for your kids and others.

The late nights of wrapping and shopping and baking
Struggling in the dark morning hours of waking
Wishing for peace, but racing instead
Fending off “helpers” who won’t go to bed.

Remembering the neighbors, the teachers, the postman
Drumming up love for the gift GIVING season
Teaching the children the joys found in sharing
While forcing them each to act loving and caring.

Shopping for things you never would buy
If it wasn’t for that fat, gift-giving guy
Wanting your children to feel as you did
On the morning of Christmas when you were a kid.

Delighted, surprised, loved, warm and happy
For God’s sakes, here now I’ll get sappy!
What is it about the holiday season
That makes you write rhymes and lose all sense of reason?

I can’t stop myself now, I’ve got Santa to help
It’s magic I need, and maybe some felt
For those ornaments I promised I’d make for the school
It’s Christmas, by God, it makes me a fool.

If you need me I’ll be in the basement at three
In the morning, that is, by the furnace, you see
That’s where we are hiding the magical stuff
The making of memories can be really tough.

I’m tired now. I have to get serious
I’ve been reading the Grinch till I’m clearly delirious
Forgive me my complete, utter nonsense
I’ve been dreaming of the anti-holiday, Festivus.

But really I love it. You know that I do
And I’m betting, that probably, you love it too
Wishing you luck with your holiday fun
And really, don’t panic, its all nearly done!


Special thanks to Dr. Suess for the title of this gobbledegook
And for the inspiration I took from his book.
Oh no, I really can’t stop
I’ve completely, completely gone over the top.

4 responses to “Pop Guns! And Bicycles! Roller Skates! Drums! Checkerboards! Tricycles! Popcorn! And Plums!

  1. Thanks for your comments everyone. Getting down to the wire now. Having to cross some of my sweet holiday ideas off my list, like delivering cookies to all the neighbors. Not sure they would enjoy the stomach bug and cold/cough germs coming out of my house. Wishing you all joy!

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