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That’s right. Find your favorite poem (even one you wrote), scribble it on a piece of paper, and put it in your pocket when you get dressed tomorrow morning.

Thursday, April 18 is national Poem in Your Pocket Day, and we’d love for you to join us as we celebrate here at the CLiF office.

The idea of this holiday is not just to tote your poem but to share it! Recite it to your family during breakfast, show your coworkers as you chat over morning coffee, read it to the wearied cashier at the grocery store, and hopefully your poem will bring inspiration, cheer, or tranquility to someone’s day.

It matters not whether you fancy Dr. Seuss or Dr. Maya Angelou. The day is about celebrating poetry in all its forms. So slip your favorite poem in your pocket, and start sharing it with everyone you meet!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page tomorrow to get a peek at the poems in our pockets, and, you never know, we may just ask you to share yours too!

For fun ideas on how to incorporate Poem in your Pocket day activities into your school, work, or home, visit the Academy of American Poets.




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