Could a silver lining of the current news cycle be that adults are being offered an opportunity to talk to kids about so many difficult topics? According to the Askable Adult Campaign, kids need more adults to whom they can ask honest questions. Adults also need to cultivate their own curiosity, so they can build it in children and encourage them to ask questions. Many of you have seen this description of books as mirrors, windows, and sliding glass doors by Dr. Bishop, but it is such an inspirational reminder of how books can help us understand ourselves and our world.

For Everyone:
– Why background knowledge matters
Building attention to improve learning
– Five kinds of engaging non-fiction
– March is Music in Our Schools month
– Useful grammar and writing resources
– Book recommendations for all ages that build imagination
Incorporating more play
– Using the newspaper for literacy activities

For Teachers:
Picture books for older kids
Structured v balanced literacy
Turn and talk versus write and reflect
Screens in Schools Action Kit
Writing challenge – for publication and prizes from NHEEP

For Parents:
Allowing self-compassion and building resilience
– Why you should share your favorite childhood books
Graphic novels are real books!
Advocate early for children with reading struggles
– Long term impact of school absences

For Librarians:
Grants for libraries
Libraries’ Guide to the Census
– Getting parental engagement during storytime
Read, Lead, Succeed video series – something for your community?

For Early Educators:
Infant and adult brains found to “couple” or “sync up”
– How to talk to babies to build language skills
Reading out loud is crucial
Limit screen time for toddlers!!

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