CLiF would like to introduce or re-introduce you to Simon Brooks of New London, NH, originally from England. Simon has shared his stories with LOTS of children in Vermont and New Hampshire through CLiF. CLiF is offering a unique opportunity to join Simon for storytelling and questions and answers via Zoom on May 12. CLiF created the outline below to help students of all ages think about the kind of stories Simon tells.

Here are some words to describe Simon Brooks:

  • Storyteller
  • Entertainer
  • Myth teller

What other words would use to describe a storyteller? If you have seen Simon, what words would use to describe him?

This is what Simon does with his storytelling:

  • To spread and share the art of traditional storytelling to a wider audience.
  • To show the power (and need) of the ‘ancient stories’ of folk and fairy tales, myths and legends.
  • To encourage others to tell their own stories (and personal favorite tales).
  • To keep the art of storytelling alive in all communities for young people and for adults, by performing live, conducting workshops, and producing a podcast of traditional storytelling.

Things to think about:

  • What do the descriptive words mean? What would you hypothesize Simon’s stories are like? Take a look here.
  • Can you think of an example of a traditional story?
  • Can you think of a movie or book you love that is based on an old fairy or folk tale?
  • What is the difference between a myth and a fairy tale?
  • Why do people tell stories?
  • How do you tell a good story?
  • How can you share a story you write or think up if speaking to a group isn’t (yet) your favorite thing? How do you practice?

Here are a few ways to get to know Simon’s work better:

  • Simon created a serialized podcast called Lindyline that is available free here
  • Simon has recorded examples of ancient stories and folk tales from around the world here
  • You can watch Simon tell stories here
  • He interviews other storytellers here
  • Simon has recorded stories on CD and has a book Under the Oaken Bough available here

CLiF has created literacy activities for students of all ages here. Here are some that would go nicely with Simon’s stories:

For younger kids:

For older kids: how would you put ancient characters into a modern context? Can you tell a story about their struggles if they were put into your world?

For families:

Watch a clip of Simon’s storytelling from CLiF’s Virtual Author’s Series :

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