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Book Recommendations

“The 100 Best Children’s Books (of All Time!)”

There is something about the truly awesome body of children’s books that tempts people to try to separate the cream from the chum. It’s just irresistible. This week the New York Times noted two organizations that have recently published their lists of the 100 “best books” in children’s literature, the New York Public Library and … Continued

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Book Recommendations

A Bag of Books Hooks a Young Reader

Reading specialists Kathryn Mullen, M.Ed. and Sue Megas-Russell, M.Ed. are the onsite coordinators for 2013-2014’s CLiF Year of the Book at Cutler Elementary School in West Swanzey, NH. Over this school year Kathryn and Sue will take turns guest blogging for CLiF. Their posts will provide insight into the creativity, attention, and heart that goes … Continued

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