Girls reading new books after a CLiF event

General / CLiF Spotlight

Evidence That Pleasure Reading Matters

Last week Mediabistro’s Galleycat blog released a post with a headline that sent hearts fluttering through the CLiF office: ‘Pleasure Reading “Significantly” Increases School Performance‘ The post is in reference to a study by the Institute of Education at the University of London. From the study: “The IOE study, which is believed to be the … Continued

General / CLiF Spotlight

The Creators of The Expeditioners Visit Students in Newbury, VT

Flight goggles firmly on their heads, Vermont author and CLiF presenter SS Taylor and New York City illustrator Katherine Roy voyaged to the Newbury Elementary School in Newbury, VT last Friday to give three presentations to all the students from Grade 1 to Grade 6 about the multi-year process they navigated to create their new epic children’s book The Expeditioners.


Books and Stock Car Racing, Together at Last

At the Highgate Apartments in Barre, VT the quiet of a recent Saturday morning ended abruptly as the unmistakable roar of a race car engine announced to all children within earshot it was time to meet Thunder Road driver Troy Kingsbury, check out his awesome car, and get some cool new books to read.

Book Recommendations

Newbury Reads! Book Trailers

Recently, the CLiF team visited Newbury Elementary School in Newbury, VT. NES is one of six elementary schools in Vermont and New Hampshire that have received CLiF’s Year of the Book grants. Year of the Book provides around $25,000 worth of fun literacy-based programs, support, and free new books for students to choose and keep … Continued


Race to Read Excites Students at Johnson Elementary School

On Monday, January 28, a few dozen students were running around the playground at Johnson Elementary School when they heard the sound of a loud engine approaching. Heads turned as a green-and-white stock car barreled down the street towards the playground, only to stop right outside the fence. Children ran over to see who it … Continued


Apply Now for CLiF’s Year of the Book

CLiF is now accepting applications for our Year of the Book grant for the 2013-2014 school year. Our one-year partnership with elementary schools encourages students to read and write more often for enjoyment in school and at home. CLiF provides select elementary schools in New Hampshire and Vermont with more than $25,000 worth of children’s … Continued


Parent Power in Johnson, Vermont

CLiF knows that parents have a tremendous influence on the likelihood that their child will grow up a strong reader and writer. That’s why we strive to include parents whenever possible in our programs.


CLiF’s Mini-Grants Enrich Classrooms

CLiF’s newest program, Year of the Book, provides more than $25,000 in literacy support, programs, and new books for six schools across New Hampshire and Vermont. One important part of Year of the Book is the mini-grants program. In each Year of the Book school, CLiF has offered $2,000 in funding for mini-grants for classroom … Continued

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