Too Cold to Play Outside

Official Scavenger Hunt

Official rules: To win this game, you must collect everything listed, without help from an adult. Some of these will be difficult, so use your smarts and imagination. You have lots of time, but don’t get distracted. You should check things off of this list as you go. Also, store everything in your number one item so you can prove you found it at the end. If you can do this without making a mess you should get a prize of some kind. Maybe candy. GOOD LUCK AND HAVE FUN!

Items to find:

1)    A paper shopping or grocery bag to put everything in

2)    A marker to check off things you have found

3)    A bottle of water, in case you get thirsty while you work

4)    A small snack in case you get hungry

5)    A notebook and pencil to write things down

6)    A picture of a kitten or puppy or dragon or some other cool animal

7)    Some glue

8)    Some yarn

9)    A ruler

10)  A circle made from heavy paper (construction paper maybe) that is about six inches across the middle

Now, let’s begin.

1) Punch a small hole on the top of the circle, put the yarn through it long enough to make a necklace out of it, and glue your picture to the circle. It is now your mascot.

2)   Make up a name for your mascot and take him or her with you. Mascots are good luck.

3)   Find the word “UP” somewhere in your house, but not in a book, it must be on a picture or object. Write or draw a picture of where you found it in your notebook so you can prove it when it is time to claim your prize.

4)  Find something orange and put it in your bag.

5)  Find something made of wood that you could use as an instrument.

6)  Find something that rattles.

7) Find something you can blow into to make a sound.

8) Make up the words to one short song. Write them in your notebook so you can use them later.

9) Make a snowflake out of a tissue and glue it to your bag.

10) Save the snowflake scraps in your bag for later.

11) Find the smallest socks in your whole house. Each of you take one.

12) Find something borrowed from someone else. Put it in your bag and write in your notebook who it belongs to.

13) Find a carrot and eat it.

14)  Find a marble and put it in your sock. Do the same with the next seven things.

15)  Something silver.

16) Something gold.

17) A tiny crystal or gem.

18) A pretty rock.

19) Something from nature.

20) A tiny piece of art (you might have to make it).

21) Something made of glass.

22) Now find a rubber band and tie it around your sock to keep all that awesome stuff inside.

You’ve been working so hard you should take a rest and play your song. Use the instruments for background music.

23) Next, find some blue paper

24) And some newspaper.

25) And some tin foil.

26) And a small piece of fabric.

27) And a wrapper from something.

28) And fake paper money.

29) Glue all this stuff to the blue paper and make a collage. Add the snowflake scraps you saved. Use that glue you found earlier. What does your collage look like?

30) Find the number 12. Write or draw a picture in your notebook of where you found it.

Take a quick break and eat your snack and drink some of that water.

31) Find the word “duck.”

32) Find a paperclip.

33) Find a clothespin.

34) Attach the last two things to your sock.

35) Find a pen.

36) Use your notebook to write or draw ten things you want your sister or brother to find before they finish the game.

37) Help each other find them.

38) The End! If there is no mess, you should beg for candy. If there is a mess, you should clean it up and beg for candy.

2 responses to “Too Cold to Play Outside Official Scavenger Hunt

    1. Glad you liked it. I hope it keeps your kids entertained for hours. We were talking about the scavenger hunt at the CLiF office the other day and a friend of Duncan’s told us that when her kids were young she kept a jar of scavenger hunt directives. Any time her kids were bored or needed an activity they could grab one or two out of the jar. I thought that was brilliant. Enjoy!

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