1)      If you fall asleep while reading you don’t miss anything.

stick figure sleeping_NEW


2)      It’s quiet.

stick figure quietly reading

3)      You can do it ANYWHERE including places with no cell service, electricity, wifi, or satellite transmission.

stick figures reading on mtn


4)      It’s private, just you and the author linking minds and ideas.

stick figure thinking_0001_NEW


5)      It’s free with a library card, and sometimes even without!

stick figure sharing_0002_NEW


6)      There are no commercials.

stick figure commercial



7)      Your mother will not mind if you do.

stick figure mom


8)      Books are easy to share.

stick figure sharing_NEW II



9)      TV and movies have been around for less than 100 years. Books have been written for thousands and thousands of years.  Everything you need to know is in them.

stick figure imagining


10)  They are so much fun to pick out!

stick figure pickingout books_NEW

Happy reading, everybody!

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