In honor of founding Executive Director Duncan McDougall’s last day at CLiF, we are republishing the letter he penned for our 2022-2023 Winter Newsletter, graciously–as always–extending his thanks to the many friends and supporters of the organization he created. Today it is our turn to extend our sincere gratitude to Duncan for his dedicated leadership of CLiF over the past 25 years. Through his quest to inspire underserved children across Vermont and New Hampshire to fall in love with reading and writing, he has touched countless lives, while raising awareness of literacy as a social justice issue.

True to form, Duncan steps away from the helm leaving CLiF exquisitely well-positioned to build upon his amazing legacy. The future is incredibly bright for CLiF as we begin our exciting next chapter in our new headquarters under the leadership of Executive Director Laura Rice. But it certainly won’t be the same without our founder! Thank you, Duncan, from the many, many fans and friends of CLiF. Congratulations on your outstanding achievements and happy retirement!

Turning a Page

In March 2023, I’ll be stepping down as CLiF’s Executive Director after serving for 25 years.  I’ll still give storytelling presentations to kids – the best part of my job! – but before I pass the reins to a new leader, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to all those who helped make CLiF the organization it is today. 

Over the past quarter-century:

  • 80+ CLiF Directors and Advisors served on our two Boards and helped set CLiF’s vision. 
  • 30 staff members turned that vision into reality through innovative programs, efficient systems, and lasting relationships with our partner organizations.
  • 1,000+ schools, libraries, shelters, childcare centers, prisons, refugee and migrant programs, and others partnered with CLiF, enabling us to serve under-resourced children and families. 
  • 75+ professional authors, illustrators, poets, and storytellers traveled to every corner of NH and VT spreading their love of literacy in person with young readers and writers. 
  • 30+ dedicated volunteers spent untold hours stickering, shelving, and shipping new children’s books. 
  • Thousands of parents, educators and librarians attended free CLiF workshops and conferences to learn the best ways to inspire young readers and writers.
  • Thousands of donors –individuals, foundations, businesses, and organizations –were the fuel for CLiF’s engine.

Thanks to this large and big-hearted family, CLiF is an award-winning nonprofit that has inspired more than 350,000 under-resourced young readers and writers in 430 communities across NH and VT, and given away more than $10 million in new, high-quality children’s books to those kids who have the greatest needs. I hope you’re as excited as I am to see what CLiF will accomplish over its next 25 years. Onward, together!

CLiF Founding Executive Director Duncan McDougall

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