Anyone with young kids knows the drill – it’s time for bed, you settle yourself comfortably into the rocking chair, prepped and ready for some quality snuggling and an exciting bedtime story.  But when you send the little tike off to choose that evening’s book, you find he returns with the story you read the night before…and the night before that…and the night before that…

Though we may want to hide these books in the depths of the basement or “inadvertently” utilize them as kindling on a chilly evening, we concede to revisit the tale yet again and keep our fingers crossed that this current obsession does not last long.

Every once in a while, however, we are blessed to discover a book or two that doesn’t bore us to the core when read it for the umpteenth time in one week.  We may even enjoy the repetition of this engaging tale.  I have an arsenal of such books from my own childhood, but as a new mom, I’m starting to build an affinity for newer books that fit this bill.

Recently, I came across a funny, albeit edgy, article on books a dad doesn’t mind reading to his child repeatedly, and I found myself excited to scope out the books he recommended.

The more my son grows, the more books we will accumulate and read. I want to hear from all of you as to what you’d recommend for the long haul.

What board books, picture books, and easy readers do you find enjoyable even after endless recitations?

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