As part of its mission to assure that all children begin school prepared, Jumpstart is sponsoring Read for the Record, an annual celebration of adults and children reading together.

In October 2011, more than two million people participated by reading aloud the classic tale, Llama Llama Red Pajama by Anna Dewdney.

This year, on Thursday, October 4th even more people across the nation will join in the celebration by reading Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad.

This is a wonderful book, well worth buying your own copy if you have small children at home. But you don’t have to buy it to participate, because Jumpstart’s partners, the Pearson Foundation and Penguin Books, have provided a free online copy!

Jumpstart is hoping to set a world record for the most children reading the same book on the same day. Stand up and be counted by pledging to read to a child on October 4th. You must pledge to be counted.

Ladybug Girl has super powers: “I can fly, I’m super-strong, I can save ants, and I can even do a cartwheel!”

We have super powers, too: We can spread the joy of reading a great book to a child and help Jumpstart set a new world record!

For more information, the Pearson Foundation’s description of the event. Please join us – and join the fun!

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