As conversations become plans for school year 2020-2021, CLiF is looking for your ideas on how CLiF can support teachers, parents, librarians, and administrators to succeed with literacy curriculum in a different and evolving learning environment.


Thanks to IdeaScale Crowd, CLiF is soliciting ideas and compiling a growing list of ideas for, not only managing and enjoying literacy, but also for making it fun and engaging whether remote or in-person. The founder and CEO of IdeaScale wrote:

When I started IdeaScale, I wanted to give a voice to anyone that has a
great idea – no matter who the person. For the past ten years, we’ve
helped give millions of employees, customers, and constituents a chance
to share their ideas from all over the world. 

The company has selected CLiF to be one of their first launched campaigns aimed at specific problems related to COVID-19 and, additionally, to ending racism

And we want you to share this campaign widely. We want to know what resources classroom teachers, librarians, guidance counselors, parents, and early educators will need to move forward with literacy teaching in this changing and unfamiliar world. 

Here is the link to CLiF’s campaign!

As the world continues to change, we continue to welcome your suggestions of ways CLiF can serve your programs, classrooms, libraries, and students. While we stick by our model of choosing books and meeting inspiring presenters in person, we know, for a while at least, the model needs to shift. We appreciate the willingness of our partners to be creative and tireless in looking for ways to give their students fun access to reading and writing.

What do you need? 

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