Kitties always get a bad rap in fiction, don’t they? You never see an evil witch with a dog as a sidekick.

Even when they are the heroes or heroines, cats tend to be portrayed as sarcastic, cranky, and self-centered. They are the David Spades of the animal world.

In a household otherwise inundated with Rainbow Magic Fairies and Barbie Princess Charm School (yes, still a favorite here), I just love Nick Bruel’s Bad Kitty books. Bad Kitty, refreshingly grumpy and perpetually ticked off, provides a wonderful contrast to more sparkly fare.

Nick Bruel has created a series of graphic novels for 7-10 year olds with just the right combination of edgy and silly, challenging and ridiculous. I like them because they make the whole family laugh out loud, my kids are eating them up, and I can completely relate to the grouchy hero. We all have our bad kitty moments.

What are the stories about? Well, take what you just learned about the protagonist. Then look at these book titles. Need I say more?

bad kit

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