Time magazine recently reported on “Why Math Is the Hot New Bedtime Reading.”


Everyone knows how we here at CLiF feel about books and reading. And I have a particular soft spot for the soothing, relaxing, entertaining bedtime read. I mean, I have been reading my kids into a sleepy stupor for as long as they can remember. We love it.

How can math possibly do for us what works of fiction do?

Well. Of course it can’t.

But please don’t assume that I am anti-math. I am not. I love math. Maybe not as much as the brilliant creator of the website titled Bedtime Math, and the instigator of this whole notion, but she is an astrophysicist, so that is to be expected, right?

The whole idea behind the site Bedtime Math is not to replace the beloved bedtime reading ritual, but to bring math into a family’s everyday routine.

Who can argue with that?

To help you do that, Bedtime Math can send you a daily email with a math problem for each of four math levels, wee ones, little kids, big kids, and the sky’s the limit. The solutions are also provided so you won’t get in over your head.

Cool, right?

My only point of contention here is the suggested time slot for these math problems. Quite frankly, math for me fits more snuggly in the category of coffee, jogging, and daylight. It’s kind of stimulating.

And I can picture these math problems opening up a Pandora’s Box of questions and musings where no one in my family can sleep until the thing is completely resolved and understood by everyone. The last thing I need is kids with math hangovers gracing my breakfast table.

So I may change the ritual to “dinnertime math” at my house and leave my cozy bedtime reading alone.

And! Being the bookworm that I am, I will heed the call for more family math by READING GOOD BOOKS WITH MATH IN THEM!

If you too would like to heed the call, check out these great resources for finding the right books for your family:

Charlesbridge Publishing: This company has developed a niche for math reads including counting books for every interest (baseball, butterflies, oceans) and math adventure books for all ages, including the Sir Cumference medieval knight series.

Let’s Read Math: This is a great site that offers math reads by problem type (counting to 10, fractions, time, money, etc.) and by age group.

Math Cats: You will find many great suggestions on this self-described “math and literature idea bank.”

Pigs Will Be Pigs: A fun series of books with titles like, Pigs in the Pantry: Fun with Math and Cooking, Pigs on the Ball: Fun with Math and Sports.

There. See? Math and Reading. We can all be friends!


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  1. A Troy, NY native, Matthew McElligot offers 2 fab books with math in them for little kids – Bean Thirteen and The Lion’s Share. They won’t disappoint.

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